On 25 -26 August the good magic full of love of Jessie Ware and the black magic, with dark stories about Kovacs's disappointment and survival, along with the unconventional reinterpretations of famous songs by Nouvelle Vague and Mihail, will be on the stage of the second edition of the Full Moon Live Festival.

Full Moon Live Festival is an event with good vibrations, where you are invited to dance and to sing under the beauty of the Full Moon. The first edition of the festival was held in 2016 in Bucharest, where all the participants were charmed by the amazing voices of LP, Asaf Avidan, Yelllow, Lucia, Imagination Orchestra and Moonlight Breakfast.

The following rules & regulations are enforced to ensure a safe & fun environment can be enjoyed by all of our guests.


Even if you buy one-day ticket or two-day ticket, you need to come at the event gate with your printed or online ticket. There, your ticket will be scanned and you will receive a bracelet. You need to take care of the bracelet because it will give you access to the next day at the festival.

All the participants have to pass through a security check at the entrance. If they refuse, their access will be denied. For the safety of the public and the smooth running of the event the participants can be also asked to undergo through a thorough physical control at the request of security agents.

People under the age of 18 are strictly forbidden to access places where alcoholic beverages are served or where smoking is encouraged. The event is not recommended to children under the age of 3 years or to pregnant women.

People with medical illness or personal medical history are asked to register at the nearest First Aid Point, and can only participate at the event with their attendant. People with hearing problems are advised to use earplugs. People with disabilities will have a specially designed area.

In the event of rain, we recommend using raincoats. The access with umbrellas is strictly forbidden within the premises.

It is forbidden to access within the stadium and its perimeter with lighters, bottled drinks, blunt objects, stroboscopes, torches, fireworks, firecrackers, weapons, metal belts, and with professional photo/video cameras. Also it is forbidden to use hazardous, toxic or hallucinogenic substances in the stadium and its perimeter.

It is forbidden to use swearing within the location.

It is forbidden to enter with and display inscriptions, banners or other visual elements that incite discrimination or public violence of any kind.

It is forbidden to damage the location and to dispose packaging in areas not provided for this purpose.

It is prohibited to access the perimeter of the stadium with any kind of vehicle, including bicycles, scooters and ATVs.

Tokens/Cards for food and drinks:

Inside the festival area the spectators will have access to refreshing or alcoholic beverages, water and food / snacks.

To streamline access to the bar, all products will be sold based on tokens that can be purchased from special locations set up on site, distributed throughout the concert area.

If the tokens are not used during the concert, they can be redeemed the same evening, from the on-site cash desks, until 23:30.